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There are times when our horses immune system need a some additional support. Immune maximises the effect of the powerful herb Echinacea, by combining it with potent natural anti-oxidants Vitamin C, Natural Vitamin E, Grapeseed and Rosehip. Alongside readily absorbable chelated minerals which support the immune system and aid red blood cell production.


Vitamin C is a vital antioxidant essential for immunity and for protection against free radicals. 5 grams has more Vitamin C than 100 oranges!

Vitamin E (tocopherol) is a powerful antioxidant which comes in natural and synthetic forms. Natural forms are absorbed better and are therefore more effective. Vitamin E is essential for immunity and horses cannot make Vitamin E themselves.

Rose Hips are included as an excellent natural source of Vitamins A, C and manganese.

Echinacea root powder (Echinacea purpurea) a powerful and proven immuno-supportive herb for the natural defences of the horse. The name Echinacea comes form the Greek word echino, meaning hedgehog, and refers to the spiny brown central cone of the flower.

Glutamine is one of 21 amino acids. It helps the gut and immune system, and is commonly used in human medicine for these purposes.

Grapeseed flour (Vitis vinifera) a powerful antioxidant which also helps circulation, collagen formation and bone strength.

Oregano is a familiar herb which has many health benefits, as well as being very palatable it supports the immune system and digestion.

Copper chelate, Zinc chelate and Manganese chelate**

**Chelated minerals are linked to amino acids and are easier for the horse to absorb. They are also kinder and less irritant to the digestive tract than inorganic or “salt” versions of the minerals.

Composition: Echinacea root powder, Vitamin C (as bioavailable ascorbyl monophosphate), Glutamine (from peptide), Rose Hips, Oregano, Grape Seed flour, Vitamin E (natural), Chelated Zinc, Chelated Manganese, Chelated Copper.

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